Naryshkin: Kiev presents handouts from the West as their “great victories”

MOSCOW, 11 February. Kiev presented handouts from the West or Russophobic escapades as his “great victory”, said Thursday the Chairman of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin.

“For a growing number of Ukrainians military Datura gradually dissipated, and they begin to wonder why it all began and still continues”, – said the speaker at the meeting of the working group on the legal analysis of legislative procedures and accepted in Ukraine, legal acts. In his opinion, such questions “will sound louder, especially ahead of another anniversary – the anniversary of the armed seizure of power in February 2014”.

“We see Ukraine’s rulers are frantically looking for, what achievements they would be accountable to their people, before Ukraine,” said Naryshkin. “In reality, of course, there are no successes, only failures, but any supportive nod or a handout from Western capitals or another Russophobic trick, for example, in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in Kiev, portrayed as their “great diplomatic victory,” he said.

Kiev rejected the main provisions of the Minsk-2

Sergei Naryshkin also believes that Kiev is refusing the dialogue with the Donbas, evading the most important provisions of the Minsk agreements.

“Until the chief made no political dialogue between Kiev and Donbass”, – said the speaker.

He recalled that on February 12 marks a year from the date of conclusion of the Minsk agreements the leaders “channel four”. “Their implementation by Ukraine is an important factor in the development of the entire legal system of this country and, in General, the factor of preservation of Ukrainian statehood”, – said Naryshkin.

However, in his view, “Kiev strongly opposes dialogue and under any pretext is blocking constitutional reform, which was to ensure the decentralization of power, special status of certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions”.

“Unfortunately, the threat of new military provocations in the Donbass and without hope for a military victory, and solely for the purpose of propaganda, is still preserved,” the speaker said.

In this regard, Naryshkin asked the question: “Why in Kiev do not like to say that the Minsk agreement has reduced and the degree of tension in Eastern Ukraine, and helped drastically reduce the number of victims?”. “Apparently, because this fact alone and bothers to whip up hysteria, and emphasizes the necessity of the Minsk process,” – said the head of the lower house of the Russian Parliament.