Reutov near Moscow had joined the demolition samostroev

Reutov near Moscow had joined the demolition samostroev

MOSCOW, 11 February. In the Moscow region town Reutov, as well as in Lyubertsy, had taken the initiative of Moscow there will begin the demolition of non-stationary trading objects, which the authorities consider illegal. As reported correspondent. the head of the city Reutov Sergey Yurov elimination of unauthorized construction will begin in April.

“To the demolition of the illegally constructed stalls and tents will start in April. Such objects are near the metro Reutov, Jubilee Avenue and Lenin street,” said Yurov.

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Chapter Reutova explained that the commercial properties on these streets have been declared illegal by the relevant court decisions. In addition, they do not correspond to architectural shape of the city, and taxes from these enterprises don’t arrive in city Treasury.

Earlier with the similar initiative was made by the head of the Lyubertsy and Lyubertsy district Vladimir ruzhitsky. According to him in the district will carry 24 illegally constructed object. “Illegally established trading tents not only spoil the appearance of the city, it is also a hotbed of crime. Last year, for example, we demolished in Lyubertsy the market, where they sold expired products. This year control over the installation and operation of shops and stalls we will strengthen”, – said ruzhitsky.

In the night of 8 to 9 February in Moscow began the dismantling of the 97 objects illegally, according to city officials, construction. All 104 of the object to be demolished, to be dismantled by the beginning of March.