Rosenergoatom, in 2016, plans to cut 10% of employees of nuclear power plants

MOSCOW, 11 February. Concern Rosenergoatom (the operator of Russian NPPs) in 2016 can reduce 10% of employees of NPP and 20% of the Central office under the program to transform the staffing, including the provision of securities law specialists to get a job at construction sites abroad. This is stated in the message of concern.

“This year is scheduled optimization 20% of the number of Central office (located in Moscow) and 10% of NPP personnel, – stated in the message. – No violations of Russian legislation and the regulations which define the required strength for the safe production of electricity, not a speech”.

In “Rosenergoatom” explain that the program is to improve the efficiency of production exists in the group for 10 years. Under the program each year events are organized both by increased production at nuclear power plants, and optimizing headcount.

Downsizing is conducted in several directions, one of which is the withdrawal of non-core assets in the subsidiary. “The process by which busy absolutely all public companies. Non-core assets continue to provide services to the NPP, but had the opportunity to go to the market”, – notes the press service.

Category administrative, managerial and support staff a significant portion is transferred to a subsidiary of the functions is outsourced to.

The concern emphasized that “centralization of repairmen in a single organization, plus the centrally planned repair campaigns of the NPP allows a smaller number at the expense of sending teams to implement the same amount of work”.

“And it allows the company to enter the market of repair of electrical equipment, including the international market for maintenance and repair of foreign NPPs built according to Russian design,” – noted in press service.