Shchegolev convened the first meeting of the working group dealing with the development of the Internet

MOSCOW, 11 February. The Russian presidential aide Igor Shchegolev convened the first meeting of the working group on the execution of orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the sphere of Internet development. The group was created by decision of the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov will take on the issues of “use of information and telecommunication network of Internet in the domestic economy in the formation of a new technological basis and in the social sphere”.

The goal of this group is to coordinate activities on the instructions of the President dated 29 January 2016, which are given at the forum “the Internet economy in 2015.”

The working group was headed by the Shchegolev. As reports the portal of the Expert center of e-state assistant to the President formulated the task group: “the industry has an understanding of what needs to be done, people in the IT industry are living the idea of the development and use of information technology, but how to make the required separately. Working group – technical body to address it. We do not substitute performers, and help them and the industry to interact”.

In addition, according to Shchegolev, the working group “is ready to assume the function of an arbitrator in the event of conflict between the participants”.

It is expected that the working group will consider a minimum of twice each of the President’s instructions given at the forum: once in the middle of the period of execution of the order, and then two weeks before the end of this period.

At the first meeting of the working group established eight sub-groups according to directions of the impact of the Internet on various sectors of the economy and society. They include representatives of both agencies at the level of Deputy Ministers, and branches.

Approved by the heads of sub-groups, whose candidacy was suggested by presidential Advisor Herman Klimenko. Among them are such authoritative figures in the field of home Internet, as President of the Foundation for information democracy Ilya Massukh, CEO of InfoWatch Natalya kasperskaya, General Director of “Yandex” Alexander Shulgin, Director of the center for strategic innovation PJSC “Rostelecom” Boris Glazkov, President of the Association of companies of Internet trade Alexey Fedorov and others.