“Svyaznoy” and MTS discontinued the proceedings and refused mutual claims

MOSCOW, 11 February. MTS, Svyaznoy’s controlling shareholder and retailer Trellas Enterprises Limited have settled all disputable issues related to the performance of the dealer contracts and the use of trademarks. This is stated in the joint message of the companies.

In the framework of the agreement of MTS and “Coherent” cease current litigation, claims and refuse to withdraw their mutual claims.

“MTS and “Coherent” has decided all disputes by reaching agreement about the settlement of claims. In the current difficult economic conditions, so as not to waste resources and time, we decided to find a compromise, stop arguing and concentrate on business development”, – said the President of MTS Andrey Dubovskov.

“Company “Svyaznoy” and MTS have a longstanding partnership: unfortunately some alteration of the format of the partnership has caused the communication failure, but due to constructive and open position of the parties we managed to overcome all differences,” commented the owner of the group Solvers, shareholder “Coherent” Oleg Malis.

In a press-service “Coherent” clarified that on Thursday, in particular, the Arbitration of Moscow has stopped manufacture under the claim Trellas Enterprises Ltd. to MTS for recovery from the operator of compensation for the infringement of trademark rights, “the Messenger” in the amount of 77,65 bn in connection with refusal of the claimant of the claim. Trellas expressed disagreement with the use of the trademark “Svyaznoy mobile” in the framework of the joint project owned by the company – JSC “the Messenger logistics” and MTS. The company made a profit on the scheme of revenue share of subscribers, between project participants was a contract. In addition, the court approved a settlement agreement on the suit of “Liaison” for non-payment of MTS Agency fee in 2015 (the amount of claims is about 1 billion rubles).

In the summer of 2015 MTS and Svyaznoy stopped working, the retailer has ceased to sell contracts of the operator.