“Tehnosila” has bought online retailer e96.ru

One of the oldest Russian retail chains selling electronics and home appliances “Technosila” has acquired a 100% online hypermarket e96.ru, the company said in a joint release on Wednesday. “For us this is a very complementary asset with its acquisition we see the ability to quickly increase sales in Siberia and the Urals, where the “Technosila” is not very actively”, — said General Director of “Technosila” Ilya Timchenko. The representative of the investment company Sferiq Ulvi Kasimov, the former principal stockholder е96.ги confirmed the information about the deal. The amount of the transaction or “Technosila”, no Sferiq not disclosed.

As explained Timchenko, the purchase of this asset lies in strategy development, multi-channel retailer with a wide range. Earlier, the “Technosila” start to add in the product matrix new positions that are not associated with appliances and electronics: home, sports, beauty, furniture and baby products. In the fourth quarter of 2015, the share of such goods in turnover was 10%, said Timchenko. According to the companies at the time of the transaction e96.ru has already been integrated into the business “Technosila”. Online retailer not to change its name: “the Brand is recognizable and loved in the home market, we see no need to change it on your own,” he explained Timchenko.

Today e96.ru delivers goods to 750 settlements in the Urals and Siberia and has 40 outlets. In 2015 revenue e96.ru amounted to about 3 billion rubles, stated in a press release. e96.ru plans to grow by increasing the number of items, including consumer electronics, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, given in the message words of the General Director and co-founder e96.ru Boris Lepinskikh. Thanks to the “Technosila” e96.ru can strengthen the negotiating position when working with suppliers of electronics and home appliances, said Timchenko.

The value of the business e96.ru the maximum can be estimated at 1.5 billion rubles, according to the partner of analytical Agency Data Insight Fedor Virin, however, given the debt that the company growth recently slowed, the transaction price could be closer to the lower estimate of 0.5 billion rubles.

The main owner of “Technosila” — the group BIN family Gutseriev — Shishanov. In 2015 the turnover of “Technosila” amounted to 19 billion rubles. the Share of online sales from total turnover in 2015 amounted to about 34 against 17.5% in 2014. “I’m sure that “technos” online in three years will sell significantly more than in the shops. We will change the business model,” — said in an interview with Ilya Timchenko in August 2015.

Except e96.ru running Sferiq was also online shopping “Sotmarket” and “Utinet”. Companies merged during a multi-stage transactions on the basis of operating company “Platform Utinet.ru” in the summer of 2014. A source familiar with the structure of the transaction, claimed at that time that about 20% of the shares received for two founders e96.ru Boris Lepinskikh and Dmitry Pivovarov, another 20% was the founder of “Sotmarketa” Vsevolod Fear, 7% to co “Utinet” Michael Ukolov. The controlling shareholder remained Ulvi Kasimov, through which the Fund IQ One (controlled Sferiq) since 2010 buying stakes in these online retailers. The aggregate amount of investments in companies from Sferiq amounted to about $80 million.

However, in 2015 Sferiq began selling its assets were put up for sale online store “Sotmarket” and “Utinet”, both projects are now closed. Then Sferiq representatives have stated they intend to focus on developing e96.ru in the regions and they do not intend to sell the asset.