The Bulk coalition will hold primaries in the style of the Caucuses in Iowa

Kasyanov + 11

The democratic coalition has developed the rules for the primaries — primary elections, which will form the General list of opposition candidates for deputies of the state Duma in September 2016. The rules will be published Thursday on the website of the primaries.

The objective of voting is to form a list of 12 people, including the chair of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov: after long negotiations it was agreed that the Chairman PARNASSUS will top the list without competition. 12 — the number of seats that the faction may win, breaking the barrier of 5%, says the member of the Central Council of the Party of progress, Leonid Volkov, who developed General principles for the conduct of the primaries.

The first four will be included in the Federal part of the list, the remaining eight places will go to the heads of the regional groups that have the greatest chance of success in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, organizers hope. All regional groups will be about 50, and the candidate has the right to choose any of them, says the head of the electoral Commission primaries, Vice-Chairman of PARNASSUS Konstantin Merzlikin.

A candidate in the primaries can only be a member of Demolitia, which includes PARNASSUS (whose lists of candidates will be able to move out without collection of signatures), “Party of progress” Alexei Navalny, “Democratic choice” Party on 5 December, the libertarian party and movement “Solidarity”. The applicant must be at least 21 years and must not have restrictions for participation in elections. It needs from 20 February to 10 April to fill in a form on the website of the primaries to win the support of at least one party to Demolitio and to Deposit the PARNAS registration fee in the amount of 20 thousand rubles.

From the moment of official registration, the candidate may begin campaigning, and to engage in debates that will be posted on the website of the primaries.

Voters at the primaries will be all Russian citizens who share the principles of Demolitia and by 18 September 2016 will have the right to vote. They also will need to register on the website before the primaries on April 22.

Voting itself will begin on the night of April 23 and will last until 22:00 on April 24. Voters can vote online on the website of the party, and offline — at the polls, based at the offices of PARNASSUS and other members of the coalition parties. It is planned to organize about 30 sites in all the major cities.

The organizers will lead videotranslation with plots and will admit to voting observers.

The results will be published no later than 48 hours after the end of voting, and then begin the procedure of forming the list.

For the nomination in single-mandate constituency the candidate from Demolitio in any case must participate in the primaries, said Volkov. In the case of poor results in the primaries, the candidate may still be eligible for election as odnomandatnik if he agreed the County is in the coalition.

Experience CSR

The primaries of Demolitio in many respects will repeat the experience in 2012, election of the opposition coordination Council (KSO, was considered the headquarters of protest actions), says Volkov, who organized elections in CSR.

Then chose 45. The vote was also for two days in parallel on the web and on sites. The principles of verification of voters, electoral debates, the candidates page on the website of the primaries — all of it was first invented in elections in CSR, says Volkov.

This time it was decided to abandon total to confirm the identity on the copy of the passport photo. Decided that this level of protection is not necessary and hinders the participation of people who are not very technically literate. But spot checks of the personality will be.

Merzlikin calculates that in total in the primaries will participate 50-70 candidates and tens of thousands of voters. “We set the task to voters at the primaries was at least 100 thousand”, — he said. Coordinating Council of the opposition chose 82 thousand people.

The primaries of the enemy

In addition to Demolitio the procedure of primaries for selection of candidates for the parliamentary elections holds the key opponent of the “United Russia”. The rest of the party refused to conduct early voting.

Primaries “United Russia” on which United Russia will determine its list of candidates in deputies of the state Duma, held throughout the country in one day — may 22. Candidates can be not only United Russia members but also any non-party citizens. Members of opposition parties to run for the primaries of United Russia can’t. In this case, all candidates sign a pledge not to run for the Duma from other parties in the event of successful performance. Voters can be all Russians.

The party said repeatedly that the results of the primaries will be composed of the Duma lists. But in the position of the primaries is clearly not fixed.

Those wishing to participate in primaries to be nominated April 10 and April 15, you are finished with the registration. It is planned that participants will behave with each other the debates and to speak to the voters. Somewhere they can do it at the office party, and you have to rent a separate premises, for example, the house of culture, told earlier a source in the leadership of United Russia. On the day of the vote, the United Russia, he said, are planning to lease the premises ordinary polling stations. In United Russia had expected that the plots will come 10-15% of voters (over 10 million).

Model of pre-voting “United Russia”, for participation in which does not necessarily have to be a member of the party, closer to the model of the primaries conducted by the Democratic party in most States of the USA, says political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko. The Russian Gemquality more stringent rules for the primaries — they are more like the Caucuses in Iowa, the expert adds.

In Russia primaries are not broadcast on Federal channels, as in the USA, and designed for a fairly narrow group of potential voters, rather, to the activists, says a former co-Chairman of the Right cause party Leonid Gozman.

Possible effect

The procedure is useful for the primaries of any party, believes political scientist, member of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” Dmitry Orlov. It allows you to identify the real leaders of public opinion, contributes to the party update.

There is a risk that Demolitia will attract far fewer voters than the “United Russia”, which will show a multiple of the gap of the supporters of these two parties, said Orlov. In his opinion, the Democrats should instead of primaries, which require large resources to concentrate on the final part of the campaign, especially because the opposition electorate is mobilized quickly, unlike the electorate of the parliamentary parties.

For activists this procedure is very important, and one activist is equal to a hundred employed people, says Gozman. According to him, if in the primaries will be identified the people that supported the asset, it will increase the chances of the party to win and give a sense of fairness inside the asset of the party.

Gozman, I am sure that the primaries of “United Russia” regardless of the procedure much less effective than Demolitio, as are 98% dependent on a political decision of the leadership of the party and the country. In Demolitio also have the effect of device and the most significant members of the coalition, but much will be decided in a vote, he said.