The Central Bank estimated a “hole” in the Bank “Intercommerz” is a 60 billion rubles.

Joint assessment of the Bank of Russia and ASV showed that the “hole” in equity “Intercommerz”, which had its license revoked on 8 February, exceeded $ 60 billion, said on Thursday to journalists by the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Mikhail Sukhov on the sidelines of a meeting of bankers with the leadership of the Central Bank in the boarding house “Bor”.

“The work continues. At this stage it became clear that financial recovery is impossible. Therefore, we did not take interim action in this direction, and is targeting an early start bankruptcy proceedings”, — he said (quoted by TASS).

The Central Bank deprived of the license “Intercommerz” on 8 February. The Bank ranked 67th place in the Russian banking system. The regulator noted that due to the significant imbalance between assets and liabilities of the Bank its rehabilitation with the involvement of the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA) and creditors was not possible “reasonable economic conditions”.

The Bank of Russia explained that the decision to revoke the license was taken in connection with the failure of the laws on banking activities and regulations, as well as with a reduction of capital below the minimum value. The Central Bank found that “Intercommerz” inadequately assessed the risks of unsatisfactory assets, and was involved in questionable conduct operations.

Two sources close to the “Intercommerz” and close to the Central Bank earlier said that the hole in the Bank amounted to about 40 billion rubles Familiar top-the Manager of “Intercommerz”, in turn, noted that the assessment of the Bank and the regulator differ: “the Owners of the Bank assess the hole in 30 billion rubles, the Central Bank is 40 billion rubles”.

As he wrote with reference to the list of obligations of the Bank “Intercommerz” kept your money “Transneft” (as of January 1, RUR 6.6 bln), a subsidiary of the company “Oboronservis” — LLC “Agroprom” (1.1 billion roubles) and open company “Oboronsertifica” (885,8 million rubles), as well as the Federal state unitary enterprise “state Corporation for air traffic management” (RUB 3.8 billion), which provides air traffic control services.

The revocation of the license of the Bank “Intercommerz” has become the largest insured event in the history of the DIA. The representative of the Agency reported to Interfax that the pre-payments to depositors are estimated in the amount of 64.8 billion rubles. a spokesman noted that as at 27 January 2016, the size of the deposits of the Bank “Intercommerz” amounted to $ 69.5 bn RUB Previously the biggest payouts were contributors Vneshprombank (about 45 billion rubles) and Bank “the Russian credit” (40,7 billion roubles).