The Central Bank recorded an increase in fees for illegal cashing in five times

The so-called Commission for illegal cashing in of money in Russia currently stands at 15% of the amount. About it told on Thursday to journalists by the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Dmitry Skobelkin after meeting with bankers.

“Now 15% reaches [the Commission] from the sale of cash currency”, — quotes the words Skobelkina Interfax. He noted that previously the Commission had reached 2-3%. Thus, the Commission for illegal cashing could grow five-fold.

The Chairman linked the growth of this figure including the growth of cash in retail networks. “Now all we can talk about that cash money became a commodity, and therefore, of course, trading revenue, which in retail is obtained, there are serious trading point involved. We are aware of this,” said Skobelkin.

He stressed that the operations on cash withdrawal go away from the banking sector because “banks are afraid to do”. “Why are all it takes to non-banking sector? Because banks understand that this is a very dangerous business”, — quotes the Chairman of the Central Bank portal

In November last year the Director of the Department of financial monitoring and currency control of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Yuri Polupanov noted that the operations in illegal cashing in 2015 has risen in price twice. He noted that the cost has increased due to the struggle of the Bank of Russia and credit institutions with illegal schemes of cashing out.