The Central Bank thought about changing the rules of the exchange

The Bank of Russia is considering increasing the threshold for customer identification when exchanging currency. About this stated the head of the legal Department of the regulator Alexey Guznov, speaking at the annual meeting of the leadership of the Central Bank with the Russian bankers.

“As we think about to increase this threshold to 40 thousand rubles. when the client is not identified, and up to 100 thousand rubles. when the client will be identified in the framework of foreign exchange transactions under the simplified procedure,” he said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

New rules of currency exchange in Russia began to operate on December 27. According to the new regulations of the Central Bank (№ 499-P) on the identification of clients in transactions exceeding 15 thousand rubles. the Bank may require the client to specify additional information, such as phone number, place of work, INN, experts said.

The Central Bank explained that the new rules identify customers when the currency exchange will not create citizens with additional complexities. “When you buy or sell currencies worth up to 15 thousand rubles, the client identification is still not required. If the transaction amount is more, the customer provides a passport as form fills the Bank”, — stated in the message controller.

The Central Bank noted that new rules introduced in accordance with the requirements of the Federal law “On countering the legalization (laundering) of incomes received by criminal way, and terrorism financing”. Obtained by the identification information, the credit institution commits to the questionnaire, which draws in accordance with the regulations of the Central Bank (№ 499-P) in various ways, specified by the Central Bank.

At the end of December, the correspondent tried to exchange currency at several banks under the new rules. Then visits to several operating offices revealed that not all banks introduced a new procedure to identify anything, except the passport, for exchange they are not required. However, in one of the departments reporter asked to fill out a questionnaire. It was necessary to answer three questions: whether the client is a “politically exposed person”, can someone else to control his actions and he is not acting in the interests of third parties. No data on place of residence or work, the Bank is not required.