The companies will charge to limit the purchase of expensive cars and furniture

The Ministry has developed draft guidelines for state representatives in the boards of Directors of companies with state participation. The relevant document, the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev sent Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, writes “Kommersant”.

According to the document, representatives of the state in boards of Directors will have, within ten days after receiving the Directive, initiate a meeting of the Board of Directors, which will be raised about the development and adoption of regulations that establish standardization of purchases for their own consumption. It is assumed that state-owned companies will have to post them on their websites and apply on a mandatory basis.

The procurement that will need to adopt the standards — purchase of vehicles, furniture, communication services, office equipment, Souvenirs, cleaning and security services and real estate. The economy Ministry explained that the procurement of goods, works and services with surplus properties (including rental cars and buildings) “affect company costs, reduce base of the profit tax and attract the attention of the public.” The purchases “to ensure the satisfaction of customers, but not to result in the procurement of goods, works and services with excess properties,” according to the Ministry.

These standards are required to develop and publish, by 30 April 2016 and apply from 1 may. They should contain marginal rates, requirements, properties and characteristics of goods. According to the results of the financial year of the company will be required to update the standards based on the monitoring of their observance and purpose of the procurement.

As explained by “Kommersant”, the initiative of the Ministry appeared on the background after the meeting with activists of the Russian popular front (onf) Vladimir Putin. In December, the President instructed Dmitry Medvedev before February 1, to amend the procurement law.

In decalre onf has prepared “the index of the extravagance of governments and of state-owned companies for 2015”, which included more than 100 customers from 40 regions of the country. The index consists of 8 sections: “the Purchase of vehicles; Corporate events and banquets”, “Souvenirs”, “Purchase of Charter flights”, “Purchase furniture”, “the Policy of voluntary medical insurance”, “Purchase of chairs” and “car hire”.

In the ranking, in particular, was marked “Bashneft” (corporate events for 31.5 million and 11.2 million). Leaders in the automotive market, Russian Railways and its “daughter” company “TTK-Svyaz” and Rosgeologiya with purchases of cars more 8 million rubles “Questionable” in front found and declared by the LLC “Gazprom dobycha shelf Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk” tender for lease of 12 vehicles for 57 million rubles.

According to the unified information system of procurement, says “Kommersant” such acquisitions in state-owned companies are doing to 2.7 trillion rubles (9% of the total volume). The Ministry of economic development proposes to limit such purchases by at least 10%, which will allow to save annually about 270 billion rubles.

As notes “Kommersant”, the idea of state-owned companies of the Ministry did not comment officially, but unofficially claimed to “fulfill the received Directive”.