The court arrested who identified himself as the spokesperson of businessman

The mansion on Gogol

Chertanovskaya court of Moscow on Thursday sanctioned the arrest for 10 days lawyer Peter Snotty. According to the investigators, which established a number of firms Sneezy attempted a hostile takeover of the building in the center of Moscow.

We are talking about deals with the mansion on Gogol Boulevard D. 3 in the capital. In 2013 Dorogomilovsky court has sentenced for fraud with this object two businessmen Mikhail Chernov and Mikhail Balakirev and 7 to 9 years of imprisonment. And at the end of 2015 by the defendant in the case was the judge of the Arbitration court of Moscow Irina Baranova, who allegedly helped the raiders to get the solution and benefits. Now Baranova lives in the USA and not going to return to his homeland, where against it criminal case.

Now, according to the investigators, attempted fraud this building has taken lawyers Sneezy and his partner Dmitry Lysakov, who tried to register the object with an offshore company “Deliman Corporation LTD”. In July 2015, Lysakov was detained and is now under arrest.

Voluntary representative

The court session on Thursday began only in the evening. Sneezy, who was on trial not for the first time, looked very calm. He convinced the judge that all real estate transactions were legitimate, no raider capture was not undertaken, as confirmed by decisions of arbitration courts.

“Of course, I do not recognize guilt, what is there to admit it,” he declared to journalists.

Separately, he spoke about his role in the fighting in the South-East of Ukraine. According to him, when in April 2014 began active hostilities in the Donbas, he went there as a volunteer and provided there including legal assistance. “Me and Lysakova asked to represent the interests of DND in an International court (the International criminal court at the UN ), we wrote back and in the Russian foreign Ministry’s letter, asked to assist in the investigation of war crimes,” said Sneezy.

On Thursday, the leadership of the unrecognized Republic said that Sneezy has nothing to do with them. Moreover, reported “Donetsk news Agency” in the administration of the DPR, the Republic no representatives in the UN and in the International criminal court has not.

The lawyer explained that the denial might, “archives did not survive.”

10 days in jail

The investigator and the Prosecutor in court insisted on the arrest of self-proclaimed representative DND in the court of justice. The investigator claimed that Sneezy was already judged for a similar crime — in 2006, he was sentence to probation for embezzlement and abuse of power (articles 160 and 201 of the Criminal code). Then he held the post of the first Deputy Director of the Voskresensk plant of asbestos-cement products “Red Builder” and, according to investigators, illegally transferred to the possession of certain premises.

The investigator asked the accused put to jail for 10 days — until 20 February. “Sneezy has special knowledge of jurisprudence, is aware of how organized the criminal process, which allowed him to hide evidence in a criminal case,” was made by the investigator.