The ISIS video showed execution of “spies” four-year-old child

“Islamic state” (also known as ISIL, are prohibited in Russia, a terrorist organization) on the night of Thursday released a video which shows how four-year-old ISA dare presses the button on the manual detonator to blow up behind his car. according to The Times.

In the car there are three hostages whom the militants called spies, writes the edition, specifying that captured on video the events occurred in Syria.

British media have previously told about this child, calling him a “Junior jihadi”. Most of his life he spent in the “Islamic state” and has already appeared on captured terrorists videos.

In one of them, published in early January, on which was shown a penalty of five “British spies”, he claimed that jihadists will “kill all infidels”.

The mother of ‘ ISA is a native of the South-Eastern region Luis in London grace dare. Soon after birth she converted to Islam and joined jihadists, where he received the second name of Khadija, wrote The Telegraph. Grace herself wrote in social networks, which wants to become the first woman in the ISIS, which beheads the hostage.

Grace’s dad Henry dare confirmed to The Telegraph that the boy at shot in January, ISIS video is his grandson.