The MICEX and RTS indexes fell by 1-3. 6% amid falling oil prices

The MICEX and RTS indexes fell by 1-3. 6% amid falling oil prices

MOSCOW, 11 February. The stock indices of the Russian Federation ended the day decrease. So, the MICEX index (MICEX) on the results of today’s trading on the Moscow stock exchange fell by 1.11% to 1711,58 points, and RTS – on 3,63% to 671,34 item.

The reason for the return on the stock market negative sentiment once again is oil, explains the dynamics of the market, the expert of “BCS Express” Ivan Kopeikin. On Thursday, the cost of futures for oil of mark Brent with delivery in April 2016 on the stock exchange ICE in London fell by 2.04% to $30,21 per barrel. “Meanwhile, yesterday’s speech of the fed Janet Yellen failed to provide much support risky assets, being quite neutral. According to the head of the fed, the state of the U.S. economy justifies only a gradual increase in rates. Today Yellen will speak with the Senate, but is unlikely to be made much different from yesterday’s statements,” he said.

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External background also put pressure on Russian stocks. So, pan-European stock index Euro Stoxx 600 fell to 2.92%, the us S&P 500 has decreased on 1,61%, and the Dow Jones – 1.92%.

“On Friday, the MICEX index will drop to 1680 points under the influence of fears of global stock market about the possible introduction of negative Deposit rates, which will strengthen the national currency and create an obstacle for the growth of capitalization of companies. No one will invest in long-term projects in countries with negative rates on deposits, they just transferred, maybe, to Russia, where we can now expect increasing interest rates on deposits in rubles. The RTS index will fall to 653 points, the fall in oil prices still 2% under the influence of the sales of raw materials previously purchased by the American refineries”, – says Director of the analytical Department of the IR “Golden Hills – Kapital AM” Mikhail Krylov.