The Ministry of Finance has decided on the amount of increase of excises on gasoline

The Ministry of Finance has decided on the amount of increase of excises on gasoline

Moscow. February 9. The Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill to raise excise taxes on gasoline of different grades, diesel fuel and middle distillates, the document was approved by the Commission on legislative activities of the government, said a source familiar with the discussion document.

In accordance with the amendments to the Tax code, the text of which is available, the Finance Ministry proposes to increase from 1 April 2016 the excise tax on gasoline of the 5th class 7,53 thousand rubles per ton to 10,13 thousand rubles per ton, while in 2017 with planned now of 5.83 roubles per tonne to the 7.43 thousand rubles per ton.

The excise tax on gasoline that does not meet the 5-th class, and straight-run gasoline will be raised from April 1 to 10.5 thousand rubles per ton to 13.1 thousand rubles per ton, 2017, the excise tax will be instead of 9.7 thousand rubles per ton of 12.3 thousand rubles per ton.

Excise duties for diesel fuel and middle distillates from 1 April can be 5,293 thousand (now 4,15 thousand rubles), in 2017 – 5,093 thousand (currently planned reduction to 3,95 thousand).

Additional revenues from increased excise taxes, the Ministry of Finance assesses in 2016 at 89.3 billion rubles.

As noted in the explanatory note to the document, from April 1, per 1 liter of petrol excise duty increased by 2 roubles, the excise duties for straight-run gasoline after this rise, to avoid prevent the interest in the illegal production of motor gasoline. And the rate of excise duty for middle distillates is equalized with the excise tax on diesel fuel that is not created a scheme for the evasion of excise duties through the implementation of diesel fuel under the form of middle distillates.

According to a source, the draft law on indexation of excises can be considered at the nearest session of the government.