The US has equated Ukraine to the Eastern flank of NATO

To the countries that need protection from NATO and USA, is, together with Hungary, Romania and the Baltic States, Ukraine, told The New York Times sources in the administration of the American President. So they commented announced last week the intention to increase four times the cost of expanding the U.S. presence in Eastern Europe.

In the budget for the 2017 fiscal year, according to the administration, it is necessary to allocate $3.4 billion to provide these countries with “more adapted to war fighting equipment”, as well as for training and holding maneuvers. In the current U.S. budget allocated $789 million.

Amount requested from the state Department and the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID) claim $952 million on “countering Russian aggression”, stated at the briefing, a senior White house official.

In Brussels yesterday opened a two-day meeting of NATO defence Ministers, which approved the plan for strengthening of military presence of the Alliance in Central and Eastern Europe. The Secretary General of the block Jens Stoltenberg described the initiative as part of efforts to contain Russia.

The sides NYT the White house said the increased American presence in the Eastern European region should show to Russian President Vladimir Putin that his aggressive policies are not going to continue.

The American analytical center RAND, which conducts research commissioned by the Pentagon, earlier this year released a report on the assessment of the prospects of a possible military conflict between Russia and NATO. According to the authors of the document, with the current level of military presence of the Alliance in the border States of the Russian army will require a maximum of 60 hours to take Riga and Tallinn, and the unit will have to admit their inability to protect allies.

The July NATO summit, which will take place in Warsaw, the Alliance will need to decide how many forces and means it should be placed on the Eastern flank, in order to prevent possible corrosive actions and not to provoke Russia and to comply with the agreement on the deployment of conventional weapons in Europe. In General, we are talking about transfer to the East several thousand troops that will be stationed along the borders with Russia on a rotational basis.