Transparency has included the Fund of Akhmat Kadyrov in the global address list corruption

Transparency International’s campaign Unmask the corrupt (“Expose corrupt official”) has published a list consisting of companies, people, political systems and social organizations. Just in the list as a result identified nine positions. Transparency explained that the defendants in the list were selected on the basis of the General vote, as well as “on the basis of widespread exposure to [named individuals and organizations] on human rights and the need to emphasize the less visible side of the great corruption”.

The selection of those who should be on the list, began on 1 October. After a month on selected items started the vote, which, according to the organization, was attended by about 200 thousand people. Tuesday, February 10, was summed up.

The Fund of Akhmat Kadyrov — the father of the current head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov scored 194 votes. As the authors of the project “Expose the corrupt”, the Fund receives $60 million a month from residents in Chechnya. Transparency in believe going to “entertain Hollywood stars and and offer them generous gifts.”

The list includes also the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych (13.2 thousand votes), the international Federation of football Association (FIFA, 1.8 thousand votes), and Petrobras (11.9 thousand) — Brazilian state oil company. In addition on the list are former President of Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the state of Delaware in the USA, political system of Lebanon, the Dominican Senator Felix Bautista and former head of Panama Ricardo Martinelli and his associates.

Summing up the results of voting, Transparency International announced the launch of a campaign against public sanctions lists. “Because so many cases [of corruption] received a large number of voters, Transparency International decided to make public sanctions against nine symbolic cases of big corruption”, — reported in the organization. What sanctions are we talking, on the organization’s website did not specify.

Commenting on the appearance in the list of the Fund of Akhmat Kadyrov, General Director of “Transparency International — Russia” Anton Pominov explained that the purpose of the organization is to disseminate information about the actions of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, “to his reputation they [the actions] were consistent with” and thus cause “legal action”, including “check, lawsuits, the courts”.

At the end of may 2015 “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky has posted a film about the Foundation named after Akhmad Kadyrov. The authors of the paintings with the words of local residents who communicate off-camera, talk about the tribute system in the region, which is transferred to the Fund. According to them, the rate of monthly contribution to the Fund varies depending on the status of Chechen. Thus, the public sector, it is argued in the film, giving up to 10% of wages and harder all we have businessmen who pay up to half of the profit.

The day after the release of the film on the website of state television and radio company “Grozny” appeared 25-minute story, in which he refuted the data, shown in the film “Open Russia”. The system of levying tribute in the material called actively promoted the myth.

A month later, the newspaper “Kommersant” also published an investigation about the Kadyrov Foundation. It said that one of the sources of income of the Fund named after Akhmad Kadyrov are transfers from residents of Chechnya. The publication also wrote that about 10% of public sector wages is donated to charity. Is the collection, told the newspaper local officials, “voluntary-compulsory” form and is issued as a donation.

On 18 June, the head of Chechnya commented on data on the replenishment of the Fund for the account of salaries of inhabitants of the Republic. He stated that he “would cease to respect myself” if “at least one resident of the Republic of underpaid wages”. “When my father died, my mother created this Foundation, giving it everything we had,” said Kadyrov in an interview to “Interfax”.

January 27 Transparency International published an annual corruption perceptions Index. Russia in it organization took 119 place — near Guyana, Azerbaijan and Sierra Leone. The countries with the highest level of perceived corruption TI has recognized North Korea and Somalia shared the 167-e a place. Among the least corrupt countries were the Scandinavian countries.