“United Russia” approved the schedule of the primaries

“United Russia” approved the schedule of the primaries

MOSCOW, 11 February. Federal organizing Committee (FLC) for holding the primaries (preliminary voting by selection of candidates on elections in the state Duma) of the “United Russia” approved the regulations.


As explained during Thursday’s meeting of the FLC, its leader, Secretary General Council of United Russia Sergei Neverov, the regulations, in essence, is, “step-by-step document that defines the procedure of preliminary voting”.

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In particular, spells out the dates of the events during the primaries. So, the nomination will be held from 15 February to 10 April, before April 15, the registration process must be completed. Until March 1, should be created counting Commission in the regions. “This work”, – said Neverov.

Promotion activities of participants in the primaries will last until may 21. From April 2 will start the debate, the participation in which for all declared on the primaries are binding. Addressing the representatives of the regional organising committees, Neverov has noticed that already now it is necessary to work out the training plan of debate, to resolve issues with the lease of sites for their conduct.

According to him, all regional committees “have a lot of work: till February 14 to hold the setup meeting, to approve the permanent location of the organizing committees, the schedule of reception of documents from candidates”. All the necessary information for the participants of the primaries should be published on the website of early voting, added the Secretary of the General Council of the party.

Regulations for the primaries

According to the regulation on the conduct of the primaries, which was approved at the first stage of the pre-election Congress of the party on February 6 to take part in them will be members or supporters of the party who are not members of any other parties. The participants in the primaries must not have a criminal record, even the removed and extinguished, and any financial assets abroad or foreign financial instruments.


The nomination of candidates is organised solely by themselves.

The right to submit to the Congress proposals for early voting is the Chairman of the party. “In this case, the voting delegates for the inclusion of such candidates on the ballot for a secret vote on the nomination of the Federal list of candidates (candidates in single-mandate constituencies) in the elections of state Duma deputies is for them the procedure of preliminary voting”, – stated in the text of the document. In other words, the Congress delegates can also be a kind of electoral College for candidates for inclusion in the electoral list of the party.

The primaries are Federal and regional organizing committees. As explained today Neverov, in the composition of the organizing committees in the regions composed of the heads of regional Executive committees of the party, which will be responsible for organizational issues, about one-third of their members – representatives of public associations, mass media, leaders of public opinion.

He noted the presence in several regions in the composition of the organizing committees of the Executive branch. According to the head of the SRC, is “contrary to the principles of the independence of the primaries”. In this regard, Neverov urged “reconsideration” on the composition of such committees.

Early voting will be held across the country on may 22, it will be opened 20 thousand polling stations, their addresses will be promulgated until mid-March.

The primaries will be secret and rating. This means that each voter can vote for one candidate, but for multiple in each list. The party leadership hopes that this will help to identify opinion leaders.

Directly on the eve of the primaries, the candidates will meet with voters and other campaign events and participation in them is mandatory. Information about time and locations of the debates will be presented on the Internet.

Prescribed and the reasons for exclusions of participants from the primaries. So will, for example, an established fact of bribery of party primaries or representatives of the voters.

The primaries are mandatory for the candidates in the electoral list of “United Russia”. As noted in the text of the provisions on the conduct of the primaries, they are meant to provide “citizens of the Russian Federation, public associations to participate in the political life of society”.

Speaking at the Congress, the party leader, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, stressed that the elections “there were no contractual lists, pushing comfortable people will not, the game of “giveaway” we don’t need”. “The preliminary results of the vote will largely prejudge the outcome of the campaign, so it should be approached with maximum responsibility,” – said he.