“Virus” discovered by hackers-hunting data a top-managers

At least 35 companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, USA and some other countries have become victims of an international group of hackers hunting for personal data of their clients from among top managers of large corporations, according to “Kaspersky Lab”, calling the group “the gods of cyber espionage”.

According to its data, hackers from the group Poseidon at least since 2005 steal confidential data of top managers, using the extracted information as a “tool of blackmail”, forcing victims to cooperate. For example — require the conclusion of profitable contracts to criminals for the provision of consulting services in information security.

“This cybergroove that remained unknown for many years, looking for victims in a variety of industries. For example, we found a number of command servers Poseidon in the infrastructure of Internet providers serving vessels,” said, head of the Latin American research center of “Kaspersky Lab” Dmitry Bestuzhev.

According to him, as the main language of the Poseidon hackers use Brazilian Portuguese, in Brazil, many victims have partners or joint ventures.

Sensitive data about top managers hackers mined penetrating into the internal network of financial, telecommunications, industrial and energy companies, media and PR agencies, various government agencies and even catering services.

“To attack using specially developed malicious software (ON) signed with a fake digital certificates. Most often it penetrates into the system through phishing emails with RTF and. DOC attachments that come usually in the form of a notification from HR services. After fixing the system in the malware collects a large amount of confidential data, including financial”, — stated in the message “Kaspersky Lab”.

To conceal its activity, the Poseidon hackers use a number of clever tools, including the “malware” with a very short life cycle”. However, in the “Kaspersky Lab” assured that all of these “malicious programs” are identified and neutralized, with the help of the elaborated protection.