Yarovaya believes the claim Navalny to Putin unconstitutional provocation against Russia

Yarovaya believes the claim Navalny to Putin unconstitutional provocation against Russia

MOSCOW, 11 February. The Chairman of the state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Yarovaya believes the claim of opposition leader Alexei Navalny to the Russian President Vladimir Putin unconstitutional provocation against Russia, as well as information spreading negativity on the eve of the Munich security conference.

Previously Navalny said on his page in Facebook that he and his supporters “took to the Tverskoy district court administrative statement of claim”. “The defendant: the President of the Russian Federation Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich,” – said Navalny. He claims that the President allegedly violated the Federal law “On combating corruption”.

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Spring advised me to apply to articles of the Constitution regulating the special powers of the President of the Russian Federation (articles 80-91). “So the attacks against the President is obviously unconstitutional provocation against Russia”, – said the Deputy.

In her opinion, all that does is Bulk, can be described as “one big conflict with the interests of Russia and its citizens”. “The conflict is not independent, and managed and planned from afar,” the politician said.

In this regard, Yarovaya recommended to remember “the chronology of recent attacks against Russia, and the President and those who played a role to make sure that it is multi-level and multi-actor attack from the outside when involved foreign media, foreign policy, and, of course, the mercenaries inside the country”. “Such attacks over the past decade are the standard foreign interventions and revolutions, a series which swept the world in the organization of the state Department (USA) and is still ongoing bloody tragedy, the devastation, the wars,” she said.

“Lgutamine against the President is also information discharge negativity against Russia on the eve of the Munich conference on security,” – said the head of the Duma Committee. “Gentlemen train and run the technology which would work against other countries but against Russia have not worked and will not work” – ironically he said. “They are not satisfied with Putin’s absolute focus on national interests of Russia and interests of its citizens, therefore, and finds the theater of the absurd. But the immunity of civic consciousness and patriotism, the adequacy and unity of the people protects our country,” concluded Spring.