Assad has promised to restore control over all of Syria

President Bashar al-Assad has promised to regain control over the entire territory of Syria. About it reports Al Arabiya, citing an interview with Syrian head of state to the Agency France-Presse.

According to Assad, the government forces will try “without hesitation” to regain control over all of Syria. The participation of other countries in conflict means that the resolution [of the conflict] will take a long time and will have a high price,” said Assad.

According to him, the goal of Syrian troops in the Northern province of Aleppo — to block the road to the Turkish border. “The main battle is to cut off Aleppo from Turkey, since Turkey is the main channel of supply for the terrorists,” — said Assad.

He also noted that France has a “destructive policy that facilitates direct support of terrorism” and urged the French government to change its position.

In addition, the Syrian President said that he supports negotiations on the conflict settlement in the country, but stressed that he would not stop “terrorism” during the negotiations. “We believe in negotiations. However, if we are involved in negotiations, this does not mean that we stop fighting terrorism,” said Assad.

He said that he sees the risk of a Saudi or Turkish military intervention in Syria. But he stressed that government troops “will certainly oppose it.”

Earlier on Friday, members of the International support group in Syria have reached an agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria. It is expected that it will be implemented during the week and will not apply to the terrorist group “Islamic state” and “the Front al-Nusra” (both activities prohibited in Russia).

In early February, government troops launched an offensive in Aleppo province. The Syrian army managed to capture the city Baden and Retian, closer to 25 km to the border with Turkey. The UN has warned that the situation in Aleppo may cause cut off from food supplies and humanitarian aid can be up to 300 thousand people.