Bloomberg: Gazprom plans to supply gas to Ukraine at least another three years

NEW YORK, February 12. The company “Gazprom” plans in the next three years to supply natural gas to Ukraine in the amount equivalent to 41% of the country’s demand in 2015. This was reported by Bloomberg, the disposal of which was approved in December internal financial estimates of the company.

According to the budget plan of the company, Gazprom is considering several export scenarios, including delivery at discount to the European average price (15% less than the cost under the current contract with “Naftogaz”). In General, until the end of 2018 it is planned to put from 8.8 to 14.1 billion cubic meters of raw materials.

Russian Gazprom and Ukrainian Naftogaz declined to comment, Bloomberg reported.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on November 25 banned Naftogaz to import gas from Russia. Earlier “Gazprom” has stopped gas supplies to “Naftogaz of Ukraine” to the new charges.