Burger King for the first time, enter in the menu hot dogs

American fast food chain Burger King plans to start selling hot dogs, according to the Wall Street Journal. This is the first major change in the menu of the chain pubs over the past decade, the newspaper notes.

According to the newspaper, start selling hot dogs is scheduled for February 23 and will be held in such conditions, when other fast food restaurants are switching to healthier food options. Burger King, on the contrary, declares that it returns to its initial task to be a fast food chain after a not entirely successful attempt to enter in the menu the salads and other healthier foods, the newspaper said.

“At a time when many fast food restaurants are trying to reformat itself in the institution of fast-casual [with a more varied menu, unlike fast food], we have a different point of view”, — quotes the edition the head of the North American division of Burger King, Alex Macedo.

The newspaper reminds that in 2013 the company has introduced in the menu of low-calorie fries, but a year later withdrew it from the menu due to low sales.

Add the current menu of hot dogs will be the biggest menu changes in Burger King since 1970-ies, when the chain first started selling the chicken.

Burger King becomes first major American fast food chains, which introduces the menu of hot dogs on a regular basis. McDonald’s tried to sell hot dogs in different countries, but never entered it in the national menu, notes the WSJ.