Business Ombudsman create the party of entrepreneurs on the basis of “just cause”

Business Ombudsman Boris Titov, a Right cause party of entrepreneurs, which will go on elections to the State Duma. He informed about it the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

According to Titov, the party’s Congress scheduled for February 20. He also added that the party will change its name: the final version has not yet been selected, but, as noted by the business Ombudsman, the options are the “Right things” and “Business Russia” (Titov created public organization of small and medium business) will not be considered.

Change the membership of the party. According to Titov, it will include “a large team of entrepreneurs” among its supporters: the members of “Business Russia”, big businessmen, well-known experts and public figures, told business Ombudsman, without specifying names.

The Chairman of the Right cause Vyacheslav Maratkanov confirmed to the publication that announced Titov the party project entrepreneurs will be implemented on the basis of his party. “High probability that he will be with us. Now coordinate structure,” said Mardanov. The negotiations also went with “Civil force” and “Civil platform”. All three parties have representation in the regional parliaments, enabling them to participate in parliamentary elections without collecting signatures.

However, according to Titov, the party is not a project exclusively for the Duma elections: it will participate in all companies, from municipalities to Federal elections. Emphasis will be placed on the regions for this plan to create a “powerful offices”, but without extreme centralization, told business Ombudsman.

He said that now determines the team that will build a strategy of the party online, which will focus in the “Right cause”. “From the billboards practically refuse. This is the most expensive part. Remember [Mikhail] Prokhorov cover almost the entire country? This will not happen. We will speak the language spoken by our audience. This is a business, and teachers. It’s mostly middle class business people,” said Titov edition.

In the last elections a similar project tried to implement Prokhorov, but at the last moment former leaders of the Right cause removed him and took over the party leadership. Contact Prokhorovym the newspaper failed.

Before the party Titov puts “realistic goal” to get into the Duma and form there own faction, for which she needs to gain 5% of voters Golos.

Titov put before the party a “realistic goal” to get into the Duma and form its own faction. The candidates of the party in single-member districts will choose to Finance their campaigns, the total campaign, according to the business Ombudsman, has already found potential investors. Another important tool for financing the party will be a “crowdfunding through the Internet in small amounts, but many of the people.”