Chaly suggested Menyailo to prepare for early elections

The speaker of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Alexey Chaly, who is currently on leave, offered the city Governor Sergey menyaylo to resign and, working acting, to prepare for elections. Chaly such a statement made in an interview with reporters.

“A good option from my point of view, if he believes that he is a good leader, he can prove it the city, as in his time did many governors and mayors of Russian cities — about thirty: retired, was acting and went to the polls. Let him go”, — quotes Chaly “Interfax”. “Sergey is unable to operate the city anything effectively,” added Chaly.

In Sevastopol passed the direct election of the Governor, to the city Charter must be amended accordingly. She should get support not less than 16 members (24) of the legislative Assembly.

“At the time, many deputies said that you don’t mind, and even for the direct election of the Governor. As far as I know the position of the presidential administration, and indeed the Russian position that direct elections are now the norm,” — said Chaly. He also expressed the view that direct elections should be held this year.

At the end of December 2015 Alexei Chaly announced his resignation from the post of Parliament speaker, which he has held since September 2014. This decision was preceded by his conflict with Menyailo.

On 1 February the Sevastopol deputies headed Chaly suggested Menyailo to dissolve the government. At the same time Chaly on his behalf added that, in his opinion, to resign must resign and the Governor Menyailo. At that meeting, the legislative Assembly of the city recognized the unsatisfactory work of the government.