Hollande has demanded from Russia to stop backing the Syrian authorities

Moscow should stop supporting the Syrian authorities. The company said in a televised interview, French President Francois Hollande, reports Reuters.

“I demand that Russia cease its actions”, — said the head of state (quoted by Europe1). According to him, because of the bombing of “thousands of people were forced to flee.

“We need to make sure that Assad will leave power and now, with the help of Moscow, he destroys part of his people, even if it is at the same time struggling with a specific number of terrorists”, — said Hollande (quoted by Le Point).

In early February, troops of Syria launched an offensive in Aleppo province. Ti managed to get 25 miles to the Turkish border, capture the city and Baden Retian. Government forces have also been able to cut the line, which were supplied by the rebels. The rebels, as well as observers and media say that the attack is carried out when large-scale support of the Russian aviation.

On 9 February the UN warned that the situation in Aleppo may cause cut off from food supplies and humanitarian aid can be up to 300 thousand people.

Thursday, February 11th, a representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov accused of attacks on Aleppo the U.S. air force. He also said that the United States has submitted neither the time nor the coordinates of the hospitals that allegedly were targeted by a Russian military aircraft. “Russian planes near the city of Aleppo yesterday didn’t work, he said. — The immediate objective was more than 20 km from the city”, – said the representative of the Ministry of defense. The Pentagon called statements of the Russian authorities “fabrication”.

A number of Western countries have called offensive near Aleppo, the postponement of negotiations on the Syrian settlement in Geneva at the end of February. At that time French foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on their failure, and has condemned the “brutal attack of the Syrian regime, with Russian support, to encircle and strangle Aleppo”. The U.S. state Department also called the actions of the Russian aircraft one of the factors for the suspension of the negotiations.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that “not only shocked, but appalled” by the suffering of the civilian population of Syria, caused the onset of the Syrian army. In turn, the President of Turkey Rejep Tayyip Erdogan called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin “in fact the occupier”. The Kremlin is a statement described as absurd. Commenting on Merkel, the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov called for carefully and responsibly to give the interpretation of “fragile” the situation in Syria.