Lavrov explained the need for the attack under Aleppo with Russian support

Syria is a large-scale offensive near Aleppo, as “treading upon those who conquered your land, it is necessary”. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov said following the meeting of the International support group in Syria. A live broadcast of a press conference led channel “Russia 24”.

In recent days, Western countries have repeatedly criticized Russia’s actions, with the support of which the government army of Syria were able to advance in Aleppo. “We talked a lot today about Aleppo — Lavrov said, — In our address sounded the charges, which I will not repeat, they sound every day”.

According to the Minister, during the meeting, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry “said that he is disturbed by the recent aggressions of the government” of Syria. “If the liberation of the city, which was occupied by illegal armed groups, is aggression, well, probably. Stepping on those who conquered your land, it is necessary”, — said Lavrov.

The Russian diplomat said that Aleppo mainly controls “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia). Control over the Western suburbs of the city, according to Larowe belong to the groups “Jaish al-Islam and Ahram al-Shamy”. The head of the Russian foreign Ministry said that the leader of “Jaish al-Islam”, in particular, expressed the need for the extermination of alawites, which is owned and Bashar al-Assad.

“These guys are now around Aleppo on the West side. From the East, government forces, with our help, ensured the unblocking of the city. And according to our data those who run from the area, is militants who have fled,” — said Lavrov. He noticed that terrorist and more moderate factions “are supplied on the same route, from one point in Turkey”. “This factor should also be borne in mind”, — he explained.

The Minister also responded to allegations of civilian casualties because of the attacks of the Russian HQs. “You [the questioner is a journalist] had referred to some humanitarian agencies who say that Russia is killing civilians. I have not heard such statements,” Lavrov said, adding that such statements appear in the media.

The participants of the International support group Syria on the results of the four-hour talks agreed on the establishment of the ceasefire in the country during the week. It will not apply to terrorist groups. The parties also agreed on the issues of ensuring of the civilian population with humanitarian aid.

The offensive of the Syrian army with support of Russia has provoked numerous criticisms. So, on Friday to stop supporting official Damascus Moscow called on French President Francois Hollande and the representative of the U.S. state Department. Western countries have also been called offensive near Aleppo, the postponement of negotiations on the Syrian settlement in Geneva at the end of February.