Maduro: the verdict of the court of Venezuela facilitates the adoption of measures to stabilize the economy

MEXICO city, February 12. /Corr. Ivan Valyuk/. The decision of the Supreme court (SC) of Venezuela, which recognized the existing presidential decree on emergency economic position, facilitates the process of taking measures to stabilize the economic situation. This was stated on Thursday by President Nicolas Maduro.

On air of national television the leader of the Bolivarian Republic stressed that the verdict must “abide by all the citizens and institutions of state power”. The verdict of the Supreme Maduro called “sacred words” and added that he “greatly facilitates the launch of measures aimed at the benefit of the people”. “In the coming days I’ll give them a course”, – stressed the head of state. A decree Maduro, in particular, gives the authorities the opportunity to facilitate the process of exchange, to speed up the import of necessary products, and also to allocate additional funds from the budget for health, education and other fields.

The national Assembly (Parliament) of the country in which the majority of seats occupied by political opponents of the current Executive, January 22 refused to support the presidential initiative.