Media: the EU for six months imposed duties on cold-rolled steel from Russia and China after the investigation

MOSCOW, 12 February. The European Union of 6 months imposed duties on cold-rolled steel from Russia and China after the antidumping investigation, Bloomberg reported.

Annual shipments of cold-rolled steel in the EU from Russia are estimated at approximately $280 million.

Earlier it was reported that the European Commission has determined the amount of temporary duty at 16% for China and 26% for Russia.

Anti-dumping investigation against cold-rolled steel from Russia and China was initiated by the EC on the application of the Association of European steel producers (Eurofer).

About 60% of total steel imports in the EU market is the supply from Russia, China and Ukraine.

The main Russian suppliers of steel to the European market are “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov and the group NLMK Vladimir Lisin.

The preservation of the anti-dumping regime of the USA

In December of last year, the U.S. Commission on international trade (ITC) concluded that the abolition of the existing anti-dumping restrictions on shipments of carbon steel sheet from Russia, China and Ukraine, “most likely, would lead to the continuation or resumption of damage” to the corresponding industry in the U.S. “for a reasonably foreseeable period of time”.

The U.S. ITC is a quasi – judicial body to deal with trade disputes. Her decision means that an anti-dumping regime, limiting exports to the American market of sheet steel from these countries will be maintained. In solving the KMT was also reported that the Chairman of the Commission and one member voted against retention of anti-dumping restrictions against Ukraine.