Media: the Ministry of Finance has proposed ten times to increase the tax on gambling business

MOSCOW, 12 February. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation by December of the current year intends to develop a bill under which the tax on gambling business will increase ten times, and the bookies will pay royalties in the amount of 10% of revenue from betting via the Internet. That one of the measures to increase budget revenues can be a significant tax increase for gambling companies, reports in Friday’s newspaper “Kommersant”, citing a source in the government.

According to the newspaper, this initiative is discussed in the framework of the “road map” to improve the administration of the revenues of the budget system. However, we are talking about “miserable” from the point of view of budget revenue, acknowledges sources in the Cabinet: in Russia there are only four legal casinos, and online betting is still not legal.

The increase in tax will put business to a standstill, the source of Kommersant in one of the companies-operators of the casino. According to him, the operators have a responsibility to invest in infrastructure construction in the casino, because they “are hundreds of kilometers from major cities, and people need somewhere to live.” While at present the attendance of the schools is not growing because “in a crisis, people are spending on gambling.”

Bookmakers and betting is allowed in all areas of the country, the others gambling is only five gambling zones in Crimea, Krasnodar, Primorye and Altai territories, and the Kaliningrad region, says “Kommersant”. This business is subject to regional taxes. Thus, for each slot machine owner pays 7.5 thousand rubles per month, per gaming table – 125 thousand rbl. of the Betting companies pay a monthly tax in the amount of 7 thousand rbl. from each point of betting.