Medvedev: global terrorism is the main threat in the world, humanity cannot cope with it

Medvedev: global terrorism is the main threat in the world, humanity cannot cope with it

MOSCOW, 11 February. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev considers global terrorism a major threat in the modern world, with which mankind is unable to cope. This statement he made in an interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt.

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“Today it is impossible to feel calm in any country of the world. This means that terrorism actually globaluseroffline and became, if you will, of criminal activities that pursue certain objectives, including extremist order in something special, he said, noting that in some States today, terrorists see themselves as legitimate power and run the country using terrorist methods. – Don’t like the head cut off; don’t like – cut into pieces. And in the name of what? Or in the name of some religious dogmas, or simply because “we believe this is a good thing”. Here is the main threat, I have to admit that modern humanity is not coped”.

According to the Russian Prime Minister, this is the main problem, including for Europe. The Prime Minister recalled how the Russian authorities were fighting terrorism in the Caucasus. “When (we) said that people who shoot at our military, our police, representatives of foreign religious extremist organizations, we are not listened to, – said Medvedev. – She said no, that the people dissatisfied with the regime, who are tired of corruption that they are fighting for freedom. Conducted division by extremists and insurgents”.

The Prime Minister said that these people have found passports from different countries, including, for example, Turkey. He shared his memories about the trip to Israel in 1993, when as an ordinary Russian lawyer, was impressed by the security in which to live.

“We need to create a full-fledged Alliance”

Medvedev intends to encourage the world community to unite in a full-fledged anti-terrorist Alliance, but Western countries are evading negotiations on the issue. “I will talk about it in a speech, which will be in Munich, we disagree on Ukraine, we have some other different views, for example, in some problems in the relationship, but here (in combating terrorism), why not negotiate?” he said. “In this situation, you need to create a full-fledged Alliance, in opposition to this evil”, – says the Prime Minister.

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However, as noted by the head of the Russian government, the foreign partners of the Russian Federation is not ready to engage in substantive negotiations on counter-terrorism. “Contact Western partners do not go, constantly in their fold, at the level of the military departments they are episodic in nature, some kind of coalition to create do not want, they say that we fight not with those,” said he.

Medvedev reminded that Russia repeatedly offered to all interested countries sit at the negotiation table, to determine a list of so-called moderate opposition in Syria and to fight together against terrorists. “The Russian President has repeatedly spoken about it to their partners, but you need to sit at the same table, but our partners are shying away,” said he.

The Prime Minister noted that Russia is ready to discuss these issues, despite the sad experience in Afghanistan. “We have long been convinced that there is good Taliban and bad Taliban is so good you have to be friends, with bad have to fight, and then September 11th happened, happened other events,” he recalled. “And those who call themselves moderates, not the fact that these are, but we are ready to discuss everything,” said the head of government.