Medvedev warned from the beginning “of another war on Earth”

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned against any ground operations in Syria, because, according to him, this can lead to the beginning of another war on Earth. Such statement the Prime Minister made in an interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt ahead of the Munich security conference. The text of the interview published Thursday evening on the government website.

“All ground operations, as a rule, lead to the fact that the war has become permanent. Let’s see that in Afghanistan, as in many other countries. Really unfortunate Libya don’t mention” the Prime Minister said, commenting on recent statements by Saudi Arabia’s readiness to send special forces to Syria.

The Prime Minister said that a ground operation is “the integration of all people involved in the war.” “The Americans have to weigh — and the President of the United States, and our Arab partners: they want permanent war? They think they will win very quickly? It does not happen, especially in the Arab world. There, all fighting against everyone,” Medvedev said.

According to him, such a war may drag on for years and even decades. “Why is it necessary? Need all, including due to the austerity measures, which Russia implements, and the Americans carry out, and even with all the reservations, and the Turks are trying to implement, to make to sit at the negotiating table and not to start another war on Earth. We know very well what scenarios it is,” he concluded.

During the interview, Medvedev also touched upon the increasing numbers of refugees in Europe. From the point of view of the Prime Minister, the possible destruction of the space of the Schengen area due to a migration crisis may entail the collapse of the entire European Union. Medvedev also noted that among the arrivals in Europe of migrants, there are many people who went there with the mission “clockwork”. Migration policy of the EU, the Prime Minister described as “a complete failure”.

Last week the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubayr said that the Kingdom is ready to send to Syria armed group of special purpose. “Around the issue of the conduct of the US-led coalition ground operations in Syria against ISIL (an organization banned in Russia) is a discussion. And Saudi Arabia has expressed its readiness to provide its special forces, if such operation is approved”, — said the Minister.