Moscow will spend 1 billion on a plan for beautification of streets and areas in the metro

The application of the government of Moscow published on the portal of public procurement. The winner of the tender with a starting price of 990,6 million rubles should develop a standard of improvement “infrastructure recreation”, as well as the concept of improvement of the streets, the implementation of which will start in the next, 2017. Specific streets not yet defined. Under the “infrastructure of rest” means city hall parks, squares and gardens, recreation areas near the water, yards and grounds in front of the social infrastructure, and the area in front of the station.

On the night of 9 February in Moscow began a large-scale demolition of the retail pavilions, many of which were installed next to the metro stations, including “Arbat”, “Kropotkinskaya”, “Chistye Prudy”. Only the decree “About measures on provision of demolition of unauthorized constructions on certain territories of the city of Moscow” — 104. The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin declared that he wants to “return Moscow to the Muscovites, its gardens, squares and streets”. The territory on the site of the demolished facilities will be landscaped, have already stated in the mayor’s office.

To develop the concept artist is given the year, and the program “development of the industry of rest and tourism” in which was announced the auction, is valid until 2018. In the government of Moscow on questions not answered.

Municipal Deputy of the Basmanny district Eugene Budnik believes that the municipality could have been to round the amount of the purchase to 990 million rubles, so all auctions with starting price above 1 billion rubles should pass public discussion. The terms of reference were vague, says Budnik — no specific wishes for improvement there. In addition, drew attention Budnik, the competition is announced only on “development of project documentation” — who will be prepared to approve the winner of the auction concept, it is unclear how and what will be, if the concept does not suit the customer. MP sent a request with a demand to pay attention to the purchase of the Moscow office of public Prosecutor and Kontrolno-audit chamber of Moscow, as well as on the portal of the United people’s front “For fair procurement”.

“It’s quite a large amount of information, our experts will certainly analyze it”, — says Alexey Dautov, Deputy head of the onf project “For fair procurement”. — What can you say right now — the procedure of evaluating the applications of potential participants is also controversial. For example, the advantage has the one who was already doing a similar work in Moscow and Moscow region and in the amount of 300 million rubles. This significantly narrows the circle of potential winners”.

Similar contract to 922 million rubles, in the framework of the subprogram “My street”, last year won the CB “Strelka”. In “Arrow” refused to answer the question of whether to participate in the new auction. Only the implementation of the program “Development of recreation and tourism” for 2012-2018 is planned to spend 370 billion rubles For the money authorities, including, I expect to improve, with 58 streets and squares.

The improvement of my Moscow of the territories concerned and in the Ministry of defense. In late December, the Ministry announced a tender for “colour-light design” their buildings for Znamenka and Frunzenskaya embankment on 6 million roubles. The Ministry of defence wants to be in the dark on the facades of the projected stars and the inscription “Army of Russia”.