Putin spoke about exceeding the “common settings” defaults in the defence industry

“The amount of accounts receivable [in the defense] has exceeded all common parameters. Me constantly about this report, the Ministry of defence know about it, in other departments, control in organizations”, — stressed the head of state (quoted by “Interfax”), recognizing the participants of the meeting “the most helpful way to look at this problem” and to change the situation.

Putin has reminded that recently adopted rules of the settlement of contracts under the state defense order are maintained through separate accounts in authorized banks, which should assist in strengthening control over public spending, and urged the defense Ministry to strengthen fiscal discipline.

“All the tasks to ensure the defense and national security facing the state and the military-industrial complex can and should be made, including by streamlining internal procedures. You need to improve the tools of interaction between clients and executors of GOZ, to strengthen fiscal discipline”, — said Putin.

At the same time, Putin said that in 2015 managed to improve the performance of defence procurement, bringing its level up to 97% compared with 93% in 2013. In this case, the orders of law enforcement bodies, security agencies and the Corporation “Rosatom” the state defence order was executed completely.

“As for the Ministry of defense, then with growing volume of orders was considerably reduced proportion of outstanding tasks. Now this indicator does not exceed 4%,” — said Putin, noting that the level of equipment of troops with modern arms and equipment have reached the previously planned level of 30%.

On the eve of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev at a special meeting called the situation, when the budget allocated funds reach the recipients, at best, at the end of the year, “disgrace”, and the increase in accounts receivable is a “serious problem”.

“It is unacceptable that money that await in the regions that the companies are just lying in the accounts, but it often. Even in the current extremely difficult economic conditions, we find the ability to not only maintain, but to increase budgetary funds in a number of areas that we believe are promising and which we actually grow well. And what do we see? By the end, large remnants, huge remnants. And not because, of course, that this money are necessary to nobody, – no, it’s just a question of elementary financial discipline”, — said Medvedev.

Earlier it was reported that in 2015 the Ministry of defence and other departments, responsible for closed in the budget, left undeveloped allocated 850 billion rubles, According to government sources, the situation has raised the IRE of President Vladimir Putin who has charged to understand and explain why the money is allocated, but so inefficiently used.