Ruslan Baysarov invest in “Alibaba Russian” tens of billions of rubles

In December last year Director General of the Tuva energy industrial Corporation (TEIC) Ruslan Baisarov wrote a letter to President Vladimir Putin with a proposal “to create an internal infrastructure of e-Commerce” that will allow “any manufacturer of quality products” from Russia “to enter the world markets”, “find-your-client” and “compete anywhere in the world”. The President endorsed the idea: in the letter, a copy of which is at , there is a visa of the President of 10 December: “Consider and support”.

In an interview Ruslan Baisarov told what would be the “Russian Alibaba”. According to him, the online venue will be on the domain While the site is plug-greeting: “Our project is a unique national platform of e-Commerce, designed to increase the export of Russian goods”. The work on the project for two years, in 2016 marketplace start full work, said Baisarov. At the moment the registration of the brand and the company that will develop the project (name Baisarov did not disclose).

In the development of the resource, the businessman plans to invest “tens of billions of rubles” of own funds. The business model worked out yet, but Baisarov said that depending on the type of product the company can earn as Commission agent and investments. The financial plan for revenue generation from a businessman there, says he.

On cash assistance from the state Baisarov not expect, but preparing an appeal to the government, in which we would talk about the need for “legal support”. “We are now on a daily basis, conduct consultations with the Ministry of economic development, discuss how we will work together with government to build the Internet business”, says Baisarov.

A letter ALSO from Ruslan Baysarov in the Ministry of economic development review, confirmed the representative of the Ministry Elena laskina. The Ministry continues to receive proposals “on the export of domestic goods through electronic Commerce”, she said. The Ministry established an interdepartmental working group, which included representatives of TEIC, the first meeting will be held on the day, said laskina.

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In the first stage, the new venue will be a showcase of e — catalog non-commodity Russian exports of domestic goods from the conditional YotaPhone to cure the Ebola virus. According to Baysarov, a complete list of sale items still under discussion, it will be present, for example, and agricultural products, and research and development.

In the second stage, the company Baisarov, he said, will “accompany new business projects of young Russian companies with inventions or original ideas”. He explains that the company will help budding entrepreneurs in attracting investments, finding financial partners and new markets abroad. Also companies that will post their goods on will be able to count on financial and legal support.

Now work on the project about 200 people, active development plans — “maybe we’ll stop for 10 thousand people, maybe 150 thousand,” says Baisarov.

According to him, this business will need to develop logistics — in some regions the company will agree on cooperation with existing services, in others to create logistic centers with offices throughout Russia. Baisarov did not specify which companies negotiations were already under way. But says that negotiating for the purchase of a number of players in the e-Commerce market, without disclosing details.