The EU gave Greece three months to conserve space in Schengen

Two weeks ago the European Commission has warned Greece that Athens is “seriously neglecting” their obligations under the control of the external border of the Schengen area, writes bi-Bi-si. In the event of failure of Greece to rectify the situation other countries can suspend Schengen rules, said the British broadcaster.

The Reuters Agency source in the EU said that the decision at the Ministerial Council on Friday was adopted, despite the objections of Greece. Athens for a specified term should be executed 50 recommendations to tighten border controls. In the case of non-compliance the EU will be allowed to establish control at the Schengen internal borders for a period of two years.

Officials and EU diplomats say that their goal is not isolation of Greece, and the rule of law in the implementation of internal border controls, which has been introduced by some countries on short-term basis, said Reuters.

Last year in Greece was attended by more than 850 thousand of migrants and refugees. A significant portion of them went to Germany and Sweden, taking advantage of visa-free character of movement in the Schengen area, although the rules of the EU they had to seek asylum in the country of arrival. In this regard, border control was introduced at the borders of Germany and Austria, and in Austria and Hungary.