The Kremlin explained the need to monitor Internet traffic

Information about the plans of the authorities to control the Internet traffic is “free interpretation”, said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, reports UNN .

“In Russia only want to compensate for possible hostile actions intended to bring down whole segments of the Internet,” said Sands. Potentially such steps are possible, he said, but, in his words, “to treat these plans as complete control is wrong.”

Yesterday Vedomosti reported that the Ministry of communications has drafted a bill on controlling Internet traffic in Russia to protect the Network from external threats. The draft amendments to the laws “On communications” and “On information, information technologies and information protection” will allow the government to control the flow of Internet traffic in Russia, the newspaper wrote.

Amendments of the Ministry of communications suggests that there will be established state monitoring system “resource use global addressing and global identifiers of the Internet (DNS and IP addresses)”.

If the law is adopted, Russia will have the register address of Runet.

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According to “Vedomosti”, the document was developed in response to the request of President Vladimir Putin, which he gave after a meeting of the security Council in the fall of 2014. The Council talked about minimizing risks for the Russian segment of the global network in the event of a temporary disconnection from the outside world.

An unnamed Federal official explained to the newspaper that the amendments need to ensure that the state agencies were able to understand the work of the Russian segment of the Network, because now that there is no understanding. According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, because of its chaotic development of Runet is arranged very difficult, and it gets the authorities to protect it from external threats.