The media learned about plans of the authorities to increase the responsibility of gas suppliers

The government by 1 June should consider “increasing the liability of suppliers of natural gas” in the Russian regions, including by “fixing in the contracts of obligations to ensure supplies during peak periods”, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the Protocol of the presidential Commission on fuel and energy complex (FEC) held in October last year.

As explained sources of the newspaper, talking about the establishment of a mechanism guaranteeing supplier that will be required to meet all the needs of consumers in a particular region. As noted by Kommersant, Gazprom is now by law to supply gas to any consumer who requires it, as large independent producers — NOVATEK and Rosneft — such obligation. In this case, Gazprom could only sell gas at regulated prices, and independent producers have no such commitments and by providing small discounts, in recent years has lured monopoly the most attractive industrial users, the newspaper notes.

As notes the edition, the independent producers state that could choose to supply gas entire regions, if Gazprom did not increase tariffs for fuel transportation and its storage in underground gas storage. All UGS now owned by Gazprom, and independent producers insist that the price of storage is regulated by the state. In the minutes of the Commission referenced “Kommersant”, refers to the establishment of “equal economic conditions for all suppliers in the gas market”, including for access to gas pipelines and underground storages (UGS).

As notes “Kommersant”, the results of the previous presidential Commission in June 2014, the independent producers have already made order to equalize its rates for transportation and storage of gas tariffs with Gazprom, but it never happened. According to the newspaper’s sources, instead of reducing tariffs, independent producers may face “increased responsibility” for compliance with their own contracts. How exactly this will be done is unclear, but perhaps to obtain the status of a guaranteeing supplier, they will need to initiate such changes in the contracts, say sources. In the gas companies and the energy Ministry refused to allow publication of comments on this topic.

The interlocutors of “Kommersant” in the market found it difficult to clearly assess the consequences of possible realization of the ideas embodied in the Protocol of the Commission. The possible introduction of duties for independent producers to supply gas in “peak periods” is balanced by the thesis about the necessity of “fair tariff” for the use of GTS and UGSF, said Maria Belova from Vygon Consulting. “This means that should start active discussion of tariffs, and in the case of UGS — possible introduction of state regulation,” she said.

Another interlocutor of the edition considers that this may lead to section of the market: “If one company will supply gas in one region, the other in another, then it is beneficial for Gazprom, which will thus stop the onslaught of independent, but profitable and independent, which guarantees their sales”. In his opinion, at a recent meeting of the heads of “Gazprom” and “Rosneft” Alexey Miller and Igor Sechin were able to consider the question of stabilization of the share of “Rosneft” which actively dumped in recent years.

“The question is, how “Gazprom” is ready to equalize the rate of transport is still the company earned enough for transportation of gas of independent” — emphasizes other other source “Kommerant”. In his opinion, if the discussion about guaranteeing the provider will be no concessions on transport fares, “Rosneft” again will raise the question of allocation of gas transportation system of Gazprom.