The media learned about plans of the state to take control of the Internet traffic in the Russian Federation

The Ministry of communications developed the draft amendments to the laws “On communications” and “On information, information technologies and protection of information” will allow public authorities to control the flow of Internet traffic in Russia, “Vedomosti”. Edition read the copy of the document, and the fact of its existence, the newspaper official confirmed the “relevant agencies”, the Ministry spokesman declined to comment.

As explained the newspaper’s sources, the draft law drawn up for the execution of orders of President Vladimir Putin following the meeting of the security Council, held in the fall of 2014. It was said about minimizing risks for the Russian segment of the global network in the event of a temporary disconnection from the outside world.

As follows from the text of the document, the state will follow the routes of Internet traffic over communication networks. The Ministry offers to create state monitoring system “resource use global addressing and global identifiers of the Internet (DNS and IP addresses)”. In the case of adoption of law will create a registry of addresses you’ll ever need.

As explained to the newspaper by an unnamed Federal official, it is necessary to ensure that the public authorities were able to understand the work of the Russian segment of the Network, because now that there is no understanding. According to him, due to the chaotic development of the Runet is arranged very difficult, and it gets the authorities to protect it from external threats.

The source explained also that the system of traffic monitoring will allow for the identification of the Network with poor connectivity, thus it will not monitor the content of transmitted information, since this can be done through operators. The authors of the bill propose to make foreign communication channels and points of traffic exchange is more controlled and require operators to use only those points of traffic exchange, which are included in special state registry.

The meeting of the security Council on the protection of the Russian segment of the Network from external threats, was held on 1 October 2014. President Vladimir Putin said that “we do not intend to limit access to the Network, put it under total control, gosudarstvami the Internet.”

He also said that some States are trying to use its dominant position in the global information space to achieve not only economic but also military and political goals. During the meeting the Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov reported to the President about the results of the exercises, which were held in July to test the possibility of disconnection Runet from the outside.

As told then the source , the results of the exercises were classified. He added that stakeholders of their differently interpreted: the government considered that a serious threat is not, and in the Kremlin and the security services were convinced that “not all right” and need to act.