The media learned of a sharp drop in foreign sales of Russian automakers

The majority of Russian brands in 2015, faced with a sharp decline in sales abroad. About this “Kommersant” said a source in the government.

According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, AVTOVAZ sales in CIS countries fell by 58% to $ 19.5 thousand cars. However, exports to the far abroad countries the manufacturer has increased almost double, to 19.5 thousand cars.

Export sales of GM-AVTOVAZ last year fell 40%, to 2.4 thousand cars. External sales of UAZ, in turn, decreased by 24% to 4,8 thousand vehicles.

At GM-AVTOVAZ, the drop in exports was attributed to the decline in demand in major foreign markets, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Buying activity in these countries declined due to the weakening of the national currency. According to the Association of Kazakhstan automobile business in 2015 sales in the country fell by 40% to 97.5 thousand cars.

Another negative factor for the Russian companies became the activities of private dealers. During the year, polishes the weakening of the ruble, they are buying cars from dealers and then distilled in their country. The export of Russian cars to Ukraine ceased almost completely.

According to the FCS, in General, exports of passenger cars for 2015 fell by 23% to 97,4 thousand cars. Sales in CIS countries fell by 30%, far abroad delivery rose 2.5 times, to 11.3 thousand Commercial vehicles faced a less severe recession. Exports of trucks fell by 9% to 20 thousand cars.

As notes “Kommersant”, the government is going to provide for the transportation of cars to the border and bringing them up to standards of other States to 3.3 billion rubles only to the automobile industry laid more than 56 billion rubles. The interlocutors of the newspaper said that the export of subsidii are less effective for the budget in comparison with other support measures.

Russian authorities have repeatedly urged manufacturers to develop export. So, in October last year President Vladimir Putin called on corporations to take advantage of the economic situation. “It’s not in crisis, and the difference in exchange rates — national currency, foreign currencies against the ruble. This is an absolute competitive advantage, which, of course, our producers have to use, including not only develop its own market, but also to promote to external”, — said the President.

In late January, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the allocation of the Russian automotive industry in 2016 of subsidies to 50 billion rubles, while prior to this, the Ministry of industry and trade spoke about 20 billion Prime Minister said that 2016 is launching a project to support the export of domestic cars, which will be implemented “by compensating part of the transportation costs to bring our equipment into compliance with the standards of the buyers”. The Prime Minister called for “more attentive to analyze our export opportunities.”