The U.S. government has said it is ready to give the robot “driver’s license”

The national Directorate of traffic safety on the highways has agreed with Google’s position that its unmanned vehicles, managed by artificial intelligence, should be considered as a driver. This is stated in the letter directed by the office of the Director of the project on creation of guglomobilya Chris Armson.

The document says that the office would be defined as “the driver” Google described the scheme of the vehicle, and not those who are in it. “We agree with Google that its self-governing means of transportation will not be “the driver” in the traditional meaning of” designated person controlling such means in the last hundred years, the letter said.

The Department further explained that no one in the car people will have to manage it, then it is reasonable to call “driver” that manages. In the letter the regulator also notes that Google’s proposal to completely dismantle the system of control over the car, including the steering wheel, not necessarily to achieve fully Autonomous control.

In the end, management agreed to establish a new regulation with a new definition of “driver”, but warned that this process may take a long time. The regulator has allowed Google to ask about the exception to the existing rules for the period of unmanned vehicles.

Google had previously submitted to the office two queries, in which, according to the Financial Times, said the desire to remove you from their self-driving car brake pedals, controls frontal and swivelling headlights, rear view mirrors and Parking brake.

Internet companies claim that the cars will be safer, if people won’t be able to manage them or in any way interfere in the management. Instead, the car will be controlled by the artificial intelligence system, which will make decisions on the basis of data provided by various sensors, cameras, and maps.

For permission to use Google cars on public roads the company’s proposals will have to be accounted for in the Federal standards of vehicle safety.