Ukrainian activists began to block Russian trucks in Transcarpathia

The campaign to stop Russian trucks and keep them on the territory of Transcarpathia began in the second half of the day on Thursday, February 11 in the village of Lower Gate, a hundred kilometers from Uzhgorod, reported the local website

Organized by local nationalist organizations: “the Sister cities of Ukraine” and “Carpathian Sich” and volunteer organization “Aidar” and Uzhhorod Union of combatants.

According to “112 Ukraine”, for the protest was chosen as the site because there is the possibility to turn around large vehicles.

Some of the drivers of Russian trucks at once takes place, however, there are those who enter into disputes with the participants. However, according to the publication, there is no congestion, Ukrainian and European trucks passing without hindrance.

Nationalists and volunteers have announced plans to create roadblocks at the entrances to Transcarpathian region to prevent in Ukraine and the Russian transport.

Ukrainian opposition leader and the Chairman of the party “Freedom” Oleg Tagebuch confirmed on his page on the social network Facebook that the campaign to block Russian trucks involved party activists from Transcarpathia, Volhynia and Bukovina. According to Tiahnybok, the action must apply to “all West Ukrainian border region”.

We will remind, on February 1, ceased cargo autotransportations between Russia and Poland, therefore the drivers take detours of Poland through Ukraine to Slovakia and Hungary.