HADN proposes to simplify the process of blocking websites with extremist information

MOSCOW, 12 February. Federal Agency on Affairs of nationalities (FADN) took the initiative to simplify the process of restricting access to sites containing information that contributes to the escalation of interethnic or interfaith conflict.

In particular, it is proposed to limit access to appropriate sites on the basis of the decision of the head of the Federal body of Executive power exercising functions on implementation of state national policy, or his deputies (in accordance with applicable law, the blocking is made by Roskomnadzor on the basis of requirements of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation or his deputies – approx.TASS).

Special attention is paid to the timing of blocking the Internet resources. It is proposed to set the following deadlines: 24 hours from receipt of the decision of Roskomnadzor for lock, and 4 hours from the time the request for the lock to service provider.

The relevant draft amendments to the Federal law posted for public comment on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts (regulation.gov.ru).