Kasyanov has canceled a meeting in Nizhny Novgorod, because of the attacks

The Chairman of the party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov has decided to postpone Saturday’s meeting with the public in Nizhni Novgorod from-for incidents the day before.

“Given the events on Friday, namely sharply increased attacks on the lives and the health of my associates and me, I have decided to move their meeting with the public in Nizhny Novgorod, is scheduled for Saturday February 13th, at a later date,” — said the politician.

The other day a group of people attempted to disrupt a press conference by Mikhail Kasyanov in Nizhny Novgorod. More than 20 people tried to break in hall of hotel “IBIS”. Representatives of PARNASSUS had to call the police, which prevented the passage of the activists in the hall.

According to Kasyanov, during Friday, he and his companions were under pressure, under threat of physical violence. The policy stated that the incident “goes beyond the perceptions of threats and insults”. “In the evening due to their failures in the pressure on me, Antimaydan’s activists and Noda decided to take revenge,” — said the leader of the PARNAS.

Kasyanov noted that thanks to the “helpers” managed to avoid the physical impact, but his colleagues were injured. “Failed to peacefully settle and police officers — one of them was dealt a severe blow. This man was [stabbed] tried to run away, but police caught up with him and detained” — said the politician.

The leader of PARNAS also said that before his arrival the people’s memorial to Boris Nemtsov in the center of the town yesterday was devastated. “The floor, two of our activists were beaten up,” — said Kasyanov. The politician stressed that he does not want to encourage the supporters of “physical confrontation”. Thus, from his point of view, “without it to protect our rights and the injustices already obviously impossible.”

Saturday protests also took place in Vladimir, where he arrived Kasyanov. The Agency TASS was told that in politics, when he got out of the car, having arrived for the press conference, flew eggs. On the recording, which was later posted on YouTube, shows that in the back of a policy of flying some objects, however, to determine that it is, can not write.