Medvedev: the situation around the conflict in Ukraine remains unstable

Medvedev: the situation around the conflict in Ukraine remains unstable

MUNICH, February 13. The situation around the conflict in Ukraine and implementation of Minsk package remains fragile.

This opinion was expressed, speaking at the Munich security conference, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“The Minsk agreement must comply with all directions. But first of all, their implementation will depend on the Kiev authorities. Despite progress in some areas, withdrawal of heavy weapons, the OSCE mission, other issues – the situation remains fragile,” he said.

About the Minsk agreements

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The Ukrainian authorities apparently neither the will nor the desire to fulfill their obligations under the Minsk agreements, said Medvedev.

He noted that Russia has shown and ready to continue to exercise “reasonable flexibility in the implementation of the Minsk agreements where it is not against their essence”.

“But we can’t do what we have no authority. And that is to fulfill Kiev their political and legal obligations. This is a direct competence of the President, government and Parliament of Ukraine. Unfortunately, at present, there is neither the will nor the desire to do it. Today, in my opinion, it all becomes obvious,” he said.

On humanitarian assistance

Russia will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the South-East of Ukraine, said the Prime Minister.

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He noted that the humanitarian situation in the South-East of Ukraine remains difficult. “Surprisingly, more. Why it should matter Russia, and don’t care to the extent the Ukraine? Although we ship and will have to send to the South-East of Ukraine humanitarian convoys”, – said Medvedev.

He stressed that the economy of the South-East of Ukraine is deteriorating, the territories are blocked, “rejected the initiative of the German Chancellor about the recovery of the banking system, which was to be implemented there”. “Tens of thousands of people are literally struggling to survive,” said the Russian Prime Minister.

About the Ukrainian refugees

Russia for 1.5 years took over 1 million refugees from Ukraine, said the Prime Minister.

He noted that the topic of migration, which is closely related to terrorism and regional conflicts, has affected not only Western Europe but also Russia.

“And if he’s from Syria (migration flow) is not as big, then, for example, from Ukraine came to us as a hot topic. Only a year and a half we took more than a million refugees”, – said Medvedev.