Medvedev urged not to bring the case to “a third world shake-up”

In his speech at the security conference in Munich, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged the Western countries to overcome their differences and cooperate. On his Sloan, the world needs Sotrudnichestvo, rather than confrontation, and “third world shake-up”.

Medvedev also noted that the establishment after the Second world war modern architecture of European security “has allowed us to live 70 years without major conflict” because it was founded on the principles of unconditional value of human life. According to him, the common tragedy then forced to “rise above political and ideological differences in the name of peace”. “Yes, today this system has some problems and crashing. But do we really need another third world shake-up, to understand how what is needed now is cooperation, not confrontation?”, — said Medvedev.

In addition, he noted the unproductive isolation of Russia. “Anti-terrorism equation without Russia is not solved”, — said the Prime Minister.

Medvedev also called on Western countries not to frighten Russia ground operation in Syria. “No need to scare anyone ground operation,” Medvedev said. In addition, the Prime Minister urged the West to abandon the “doctrine of containment” against Russia and to unite with her efforts to solve existing problems.