Poroshenko spoke about Russia’s attempts to create “alternative Europe”

In his speech at the security conference in Munich the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the goal of the Russian leadership is the creation of “alternative Europe” with their values.

“Sorry, I don’t really want to comment on the speech of the Prime Minister Medvedev, but it is clear that we are facing very serious problems. The biggest danger for us, for Europeans, is an alternative Europe. Europe with alternative principles and values”, — quotes Poroshenko, speaking at the Munich security conference on Saturday.

Among the values, which according to Poroshenko, is “alternative Europe” he called isolationism, homophobia, disrespect for human rights, religious fanaticism.

“This alternate Europe has its own leader. His name is Mr Putin. This alternate Europe has its infantrymen. This is Pro-Russian and anti-European party in every European country,” — sends word Poroshenko edition “Left coast”.