Russia and the West have sunk to a new cold war: key statements by Medvedev in Munich

On 13 February, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev spoke at the Munich security conference. Key policy statements in the material.

About the relations between the West and Russia

  • Russia and the West has slipped to a new cold war
  • The West needs to abandon the “doctrine of containment” against Russia and to unite with her efforts to solve existing problems
  • The creation of a “zone friends” on the outer contour of the EU has led to the formation of the “zone of alienation”
  • The West and Russia have a chance to “unite to respond” to the existing challenges
  • The world community does not want “third world shake-up” to understand the advantage of cooperation over confrontation

On the situation in Syria

  • It is important to maintain a unified Syrian state, to prevent its collapse under the confessional principle
  • Russia will be “carefully for implementation of joint peace initiatives”, of which there are no alternatives
  • Hope in resolving the conflict gives the work of the international support group Syria, whose members
  • If not normalize the situation in Syria, terrorism is the new war, which will lead the whole world

About the operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria

  • Operation HQs in Syria does not concern the civilian population
  • Unfounded the West accuses Russia of attacks on civilians
  • Russia in Syria fighting terrorism or solve other specific tasks

On terrorism

  • Terrorism is not a problem of individual countries
  • The destruction of Russian aircraft in the skies over Sinai, the terrorist attacks in Paris, London, Israel, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iraq, Mali, Yemen, indicative of the murder of hostages affirm that international terrorism knows no boundaries
  • The refusal of Western countries to cooperate with Russia in fighting terrorism, terrorists from grouping “Islamic state” to strengthen

About the Ukrainian crisis

  • Kyiv has neither the will nor the desire to fulfill their obligations under the Minsk agreements
  • The Russian Federation was shown and ready to continue to exercise “reasonable flexibility in the implementation of the Minsk agreements where it is not against their essence”
  • Russia will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the South-East of Ukraine

About the investigation of the disaster Malaysian Boeing

  • It is obvious that the objective investigation Russia is interested not less than for those countries whose citizens died in this catastrophe
  • No tribunals or other international courts to investigate the accident to call no need


  • The practice of sanctions undermines the system of international economic relations
  • The imposition of economic sanctions does not bring any result, and causes only harm, and all parties

On migration crisis

  • Russia looks with regret at undermining the Schengen zone of the European Union because of the crisis, with migrants
  • As a result of the migration crisis aggravated social problems, increasing mutual intolerance and xenophobia
  • The migration crisis caused by the destruction of an entire country after attempts to enforce there “Western models” of democracy, is already close to a humanitarian catastrophe

On the meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill

  • The meeting of the heads of the Russian Orthodox and Catholic churches is a vivid example of the convergence of the parties