Russia sent to the Mediterranean the ship with cruise missiles

Small missile ship “Green Dol” project “Buyan-M” the black sea fleet left Sevastopol on Saturday, reported RIA Novosti source in the power structures of the Crimea. He noted that this will be the first ships of this project in the grouping Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea.

“Target ship off the coast of Syria were not disclosed. But given that he is a winged long-range missiles, does not exclude the participation in combat operations,” the source said.

The interviewee said that the “Green Dale” joined the fleet in November 2015. During this time he went to the gunnery, and took part in an unannounced inspection of the South-Eastern district in February 2016.

The ships project “Buyan-M” strikes with cruise missiles “Caliber” on terrorists in Syria, from the Caspian sea October 7, 2015.

In a press-service of the black sea fleet Interfax on Saturday announced that from Sevastopol to the Mediterranean for the execution of planned tasks in the composition of the permanent grouping of the Russian Navy has sent two ships: rocket ship “Green Dollars” and a sea trawler “Kovrovets”. The press service noted that the output of ships in the far sea zone carried out in accordance with the rotation of forces.

In early December the source of Interfax reported that in Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea included and is close to the coast of Syria submarine “Rostov-on-don”, which in November struck the terrorists ‘ positions. According to him in the Arsenal submarines have cruise missiles “Caliber-PL”. However, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has declared to journalists that in the Kremlin there is no information about the visit of the Russian submarine in the Eastern Mediterranean.

On the same day, a military source told TASS news Agency that Syria will go the guards missile cruiser “Varyag”. According to him, the ship will stay in Syria, presumably, until September.

Small missile ships of the project “Buyan-M” — multi-purpose rocket-artillery ships of small displacement. The ship’s displacement is 949 tons, a length of 74,1 km, width — 11 m. Ships of this project are capable of speeds up to 25 knots and perform Autonomous navigation on the range to 2,500 nautical miles (up to 10 days). Armed ships of the project “Buyan-M” are gun mount A-190 100 mm calibre, five gun emplacements, missile complex “Caliber”, anti-aircraft missile system “Flexible”.