The head of the UK: justice was the victim of “hybrid” war, when the West wrongly accuses the Russian Federation

The head of the UK: justice was the victim of “hybrid” war, when the West wrongly accuses the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, 12 February. Justice was the victim of “hybrid” war, when the West wrongly accuse the Russian leadership. This opinion was expressed by the head of the UK Alexander Bastrykin, speaking at a roundtable at the Russian state University of justice on the theme “Actual problems of criminal law science and law enforcement practice of the CIS countries”, jointly with Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University (Yerevan).

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“Unfortunately, the victim of a hybrid war, and justice. Surprised by the ease with which judicial authorities of several countries, rendering decisions, unproven and unfounded associated with specific criminal acts of the highest officials of the Russian state, defying not only all possible universal principles and standards of evidence, but also established by international law on the functional immunity of these officials”, – he stressed.

Examples he cited decisions in the cases of Yukos, the report on the murder in London of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, report of the security Council of the Netherlands according to the results of the investigation into the crash Malaysian Boeing, check the U.S. FBI legitimacy of awarding Russia and Qatar the rights to hold the world Championships on football 2018 and 2022, abduction, forced displacement in the United States and sentenced to long terms of deprivation of freedom of Russian citizens Viktor bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko.

“It’s hard to argue with the fact that the national system of law in General and criminal law in particular, can’t get away and exist apart from any external challenges and threats to the state. They must uphold the foundations of statehood and national sovereignty”, – said the head of the UK.

He expressed confidence that the last two decades, many States, including the former Soviet Union, lived in the so-called hybrid war (economic, political, informational), by the United States with the support of a number of countries.

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“And in recent years this war has moved into a qualitatively new phase of open confrontation,” – said Bastrykin. In his words, “the main elements of its economic direction were dumping the war in the hydrocarbon market and the significant fall in prices, and currency wars, involving a comprehensive global expansion of the us dollar, the emission of which is not secured by any assets and is determined purely by demand.”

According to Bastrykin, “hybrid” war and economic sanctions that are being hit the most sensitive sectors of the Russian economy. “It is worth noting that domestic organizations were blocked channels of external long-term borrowing, which was the basis of investments for development of the real (productive) sectors of the economy and economic growth. It is noteworthy that restrictions on the movement of Finance not affected short-term financing, which creates risk capital, putting pressure on the national currency”, – said Chairman of the SC.

“The result is a situation where the money supply in the country is substantially compressed (the degree of monetization of the economy three to four times less than in the industrial driven countries) and funds for the development of production is not enough. Have any deficit and consequent reduction in its expenditure and increase the tax burden to increase revenue. Fell the real incomes of the population, and with them consumer demand. All this, of course, is not conducive to the implementation marked the country’s leadership tasks of import substitution, the technologization of production, increasing the competitiveness of Russian manufactured goods in foreign markets”, – said Bastrykin.